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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Mon Nov 1 11:09:00 EDT 2010

> > Check out information from one user from about eight years 
> ago (!) in 
> > building a kiosk project, comparing Valentina with MS Access. Of 
> > course, you probably wouldn't do this with Access today, but worth 
> > considering is that this is with major hardware constraints, the 
> > overhead of Director, and that since then most systems of Valentina 
> > are exponentially faster now and we've added a huge number 
> of other improvements (64 bit version, etc).
> Seems really interesting. Is Valentina server able to run as 
> a LiveCode server companion ? Is it way to install it in an 
> on-rev account ?

Right now, no, but its something that will come in time. Its something both
we and Runtime need to implement.

> Went Access ever some thing else than a poor and unreliable 
> way to store data ? I never used it in a production-state 
> project... I liked to have to do with direct-to-disk 
> flat-file-based MC/Rev db, SQLServer (a Sybase technology, as 
> anyone should remember), Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL or even 
> Oracle 8i to 11g. I never got pleasure and confidence to run 
> MySQL but it seems i will get good time in testing Valentina, 
> hopefully, in the near.

Using Access for anything other than a simple desktop type db never would
have occurred to me either, but a lot of folks will build custom front ends
with its built in script or VB, or even try to share it on a network or
server. In fact, a friend of mine in the federal government (USA) told me
about several projects that cost millions of dollars in labor, but in fact
were very simple VB + Access projects.

I am sometimes shocked by some of the questions we get from developers who
want to implement a structure that dramatically increases the chance of data
corruption, often to shave a very few bucks off a project in license fees or
shave off a few hours of work.

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