inconsistent field appearance

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon May 31 21:48:47 EDT 2010

Recently, Jacque Landman Gay wrote:

>> Probably I don't understand enough about fonts but, perhaps it's the
>> font size I'm using and this particular font aren't a happy
>> combination? Or does that matter?
> Windows fonts and Mac fonts aren't the same, even if they have the same
> names and are set to the same size. The Windows version is usually a
> little smaller but it depends on the font. I have some notes about it here:
> <>

Nicolas was referring to Windows only (XP and Vista), but even then, fonts
on WinXP look pretty crappy compared to later versions of Windows, so this
might be what he's running into.  Mostly this happens with "small" fonts (I
don't have a recipe offhand), but certain fonts at certain sizes are
rendered without antialising, which might account for the differing
appearance.  I know some folks here have done some visual comparisons but
this was a long time ago -- one would have to check the mail archives.


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