Rev Stacks on the iPad

William Ziegler billziegler at
Sun May 30 12:43:00 EDT 2010

I don't think the Enterprise route will go over well. I write the software at home at night, weekends and summer as more of a hobby than as part of my job. I have more control over giving it away this way. I have some posted on my on-Rev page so any school or parents can download them for free. 

<<Is it possible to tether the iPad to a Mac or PC, using Bluetooth or Wifi (not Internet), located in the same room. Essentially the iPad would act as a touch interface AND display for the host computer, respond with little delay and channel any audio through the iPad.  >>

I forgot to mention. Most of the school districts I work with will not allow wireless access at this time and 3g connections are spotty deep in the schools. I was hoping to directly connect to a computer physically located in the same classroom.


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