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Sun May 30 05:06:12 EDT 2010

Ian and Mark,

I expect the European Commission to "discover" that keeping  
competitors' apps out of the app store (e.g. )  
solely because they're competitors' apps is illegal, but that may take  
another decade. Whether the EC will recognise Apple's "technical"  
reasons to block Flash apps as artificial and hence illegal remains to  
be seen, but usually the EC is stricter than the US authorities when  
it comes to keeping the market competitive. In Europe, once you buy an  
iPhone, you can do with it whatever you like as long as you don't  
violate national laws. You're free to violate Apple's license  
conditions, but that means Apple can deny access to the App store (for  

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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On 30 mei 2010, at 10:53, Ian Wood wrote:
> The App Store is the only public distribution channel for Apple's  
> mobile devices, outside the enterprise market there's no way to  
> 'sideload' apps other than HTML5 webapps.
> Maybe nuts, but there doesn't appear to be anything illegal about it.
> Ian

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