Behavior changing layer

Jeff Massung massung at
Sat May 29 20:32:13 EDT 2010

So, got an interesting "bug" here, wondering if someone knows what's up.

I had a bunch of buttons. Each of them shared the same behavior, which
changes some graphical effects on mouseDown, but also sets the layer of the
button clicked to "top" (it does this because they are all butt up against
each other and I want the border of the button clicked to pop out).

Everything's fine at this point.

Later on I decide I want all these buttons as part of a group so I can
hide/show them all at the same time very easily. So, I group them under the
group "Toolbar".

But, now the behavior script no longer works. It dies when trying to set the
layer of the button clicked. I assume this is because the button is in a
group and I can only change the group's layer. But, is there a way for me to
change the layer of the button within the group?

I'm not sure if all I need to do is put the behavior button within the group
as well, but I'd rather not as I have other controls using this as a
behavior as well.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Jeff M.

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