Writing to the resource fork

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Sat May 29 03:53:20 EDT 2010

Hi Joe,

As I explained in my original e-mail, your example creates the  
resources, but doesn't write the actual data.

Best regards,

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On 29 mei 2010, at 04:58, Joe F. wrote:

> I don't know about all that. I just moved to snow leopard so I don't  
> even know if I have a hex editor available.
> If I open the file it looks empty; but I wouldn't know about  
> resource fork reading on OS X, they all look like flat files to me.
> Here's the script I used in a button that creates the file with 2  
> resources,then retrieves them to a field named "Notes":
> on mouseUp
>   -- Create file first
>   put empty into URL "binfile:~/desktop/resource test.dat"
>   get setResource("~/desktop/resource test.dat","TEXT", 
> 999,"Test","U","Hello World")
>   get setResource("~/desktop/resource test.dat","MARK", 
> 999,"Test","U","Hello World2")
>   put getResources("~/desktop/resource test.dat") into fld "Notes"
> end mouseUp
> Maybe they're not "real" resources; only some kind of special "rev"  
> resources?

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