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The clock application uses a specially made DatePicker object loosely based on a PickerView. xCode provides the DatePicker for use in projects and it has it's own settings for either Date & Time, Time, Date, and Timer which then populates the cells of the DatePicker.

If I were to build something like the DatePicker in xCode (a custom picker) I would use the PickerView and provide it a dataSource with say 1 to 100 and then set it up so that the cells were both reusable and lazily loaded. That way when the Picker View gets to 96 (5 rows are displayed in a Date Picker) it is displaying 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, and when I scroll to 97 it will populate the last cell with 1 which used to be 100 and so on. Lazy loading only loads enough cells in this case to have them loaded just prior to viewing them on screen. The same would hold true going in the reverse.

I think this would be possible but difficult with a text field using it's own scrollbar. Maybe it is more doable with a data Grid? I haven't played heavily with a DG yet. Maybe someone can chime in on this.

For me, I still think a group is the way to go though and using "cells" made up of text fields. Load the data in the cells when needed and have 15 cells where only 5 are visible and keep adding a cell to the bottom of the list or top depending on which direction you are going in.


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On May 27, 2010, at 6:56 PM, Nicolas Cueto wrote:

> Tom,
> The scroll-wheel I've in mind is in the "Add alarm" section of the
> iPhone's "Clock".
> "Lazily loaded"? I guess I'm off to search that.
> In the meantime, I'd still welcome example scripts of something that'd
> do an endless scroll of text in a text field, rather than a group, a
> table, a window, etc.
> Cheers.
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> Nicolas Cueto
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