Phantom Table field

DunbarX at DunbarX at
Thu May 27 10:55:45 EDT 2010

Good ol' Jacques.

Thanks. Makes perfect sense. It is the inner workings that I am interested 

Never occurred to me that such shenanigans were going on behind the scenes, 
but given that a data grid is actually dozens of objects all roped 
together, why not?


In a message dated 5/26/10 4:38:31 PM, jacque at writes:

> Rev puts up a cell-sized field over the clicked "cell" so that you can
> edit the contents. When you are done editing, Rev puts the new content
> back into the relevant item chunk in the field and removes its own
> field. The field is temporary. The reason you can't retrieve any
> click/selected/text chunking info is because Rev is trapping all that in
> order to process the text and pop it into its editing field.
> If you don't use the cRevTable cells option in the inspector, none of
> that will happen and you can manage the field text and trap selections
> normally.

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