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David Glasgow david at dvglasgow.wanadoo.co.uk
Thu May 27 03:15:36 EDT 2010

On 23 May 2010, at 6:00 pm, Richmond wrote:

> This IS Bulgaria; or, as an American friend once put it; "I love Bulgaria, it allows me to
> experience the same sort of thrills my ancestors experienced in Texas in the middle of the
> 19th century." Have you seen that film "Wild Wild West"; a sort of steam-punk America
> through distorting glasses? The problem about "Wild Wild East" is that one is unable to
> remove the distorting glasses.

This caused me to have another Bulgarian flashback.  I was staying in Burgas in a block of flats (apartments) on about the 8th floor back in the days of communism, when I heard the distant but unmistakable whine of a dot matrix printer.  I realised it came from a room on the same floor, so I balcony hopped round (I was young, fit and stupid) and peeped in the window.  It was a room empty but for about 15 C64 machines all doing stuff, windows open, because of the heat.  

Almost anywhere else that would have been unremarkable, but I never saw any other digital equipment, in private hands, hospitals or University.  It was like coming across a showroom full of sportscars, or a supermarket with a good range of products in it.  

Whatever it was going on, it had to be state business, which meant security. What was I thinking?

David Glasgow

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