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Wed May 26 16:38:28 EDT 2010

DunbarX at wrote:
> I have played around with table fields, but wonder where any information 
> about them exists. The user manual barely mentions them. I see it is a single, 
> (sort of) list field with management to permit text entry into "cells".
> I cannot for the life of me trap any of the keyup/down or rawKeyup/down 
> messages. These work as advertised in ordinary fields.
> Since it acts sort of like a 2D list field, if I write a mouseUp handler to 
> get info on the selectedChunk, say, I get an expression referring to a 
> field number greater than the number of fields on the card. In other words, the 
> number of the table field is 5, and I get a chunk expression like "char 1 to 
> 4 of field 6". Where is this phantom field?

Rev puts up a cell-sized field over the clicked "cell" so that you can 
edit the contents. When you are done editing, Rev puts the new content 
back into the relevant item chunk in the field and removes its own 
field. The field is temporary. The reason you can't retrieve any 
click/selected/text chunking info is because Rev is trapping all that in 
order to process the text and pop it into its editing field.

If you don't use the cRevTable cells option in the inspector, none of 
that will happen and you can manage the field text and trap selections 

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