Datagrid border colour setting?

Terry Judd tsj at
Wed May 26 15:44:56 EDT 2010

On 26/05/10 8:18 PM, "zryip theSlug" <zryip.theslug at> wrote:

> 2010/5/26 Terry Judd <tsj at>
>> On 26/05/10 6:08 PM, "zryip theSlug" <zryip.theslug at> wrote:
>>> 2010/5/26 Terry Judd <tsj at>
>>>> Does anyone know if there is a setting to change the border colour (both
>>>> the
>>>> header and the 'body') of a datagrid? Trevor?
>>> Hi Terry,
>>> A Data Grid is a group, so you can change its color like other group.
>>> Example:
>>> set the borderColor of grp "myDataGrid" to red
>> Hey thanks - that's a good start but doesn't pickup the bottom border of
>> the
>> header.
>> Terry...
> Ok, as far as I know there is no standard function for doing that in the
> Data Grid.
> So a solution consists to set the object color directly by code.
> The name of the bottom header of a data grid is: "dgHeaderBottomBorder"
>    put "red" into tTheColor
>    set the bordercolor of grp "myDataGrid" to tTheColor
>    put the long id of group "dgHeaderMask" of group "dgHeaderComponents" of
> grp "myDataGrid" into theHeaderGroup
>    set the foregroundColor of grc "dgHeaderBottomBorder" of theHeaderGroup
> to tTheColor
> Regards,

OK, thanks for sniffing out the relevant object for me. Might be nice to
have to be able to set this via the property inspector along with all the
other datagrid colour properties.



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