Hard CASE: cracking the nut?

Marty Knapp martyknapp at comcast.net
Wed May 26 15:12:38 EDT 2010

I've been running into the 10-statement script limit issue myself. Is 
there a way to put a script into a field or custom property and execute 
it without a "do" command? If so, could someone offer an example? In my 
current scenario, speed is not a big issue.

> Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>> is " Any script that needs "do" in order to execute is dynamic."
>> adequately documented in the documentation ?
>> "When using a standalone application created by Revolution, you can 
>> include up to ten statements in the statementList. This limit is set 
>> by line 2 of the scriptLimits function. This limitation does not 
>> apply when using the development environment."
>> Um . . . not terribly clear (well, at least not to the likes of me); 
>> how do sillybillies like me
>> understand that a statementList ( a what ??????) refers to a field or 
>> some other sort of container?
> The term "statementlist" here is in italics, which means it's a 
> variable name. That's the convention for all syntax descriptions in 
> the docs. The variable in this case consists of a list of statements 
> or a series of commands (which can be stored anywhere.) The example 
> section on the page show several types of "statementlists".

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