Hard CASE: cracking the nut?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed May 26 14:30:44 EDT 2010

  Thank you for all the good advice: especially the last bit: -
>> How about running down the main street with a plastic bag on my head 
>> shouting
>> "noodly, noodly, noodly, pip, pip, pip, poop" ?
> If you decide to do that, take videos, please. :)

However; being a bit of a slob, I have taken the easy route: instead of 
having 19 faux buttons (images)
reffing a script stored in a field I have copied the offending script 
into each button.

Oddly enough, considering the offending script is somewhere near 2000 
lines (serious stuff),
it doesn't seem to slow things down noticeably: compiles and builds as a 
standalone that WORKS.


is " Any script that needs "do" in order to execute is dynamic."
adequately documented in the documentation ?

"When using a standalone application created by Revolution, you can 
include up to ten statements in the statementList. This limit is set by 
line 2 of the scriptLimits function. This limitation does not apply when 
using the development environment."

Um . . . not terribly clear (well, at least not to the likes of me); how 
do sillybillies like me
understand that a statementList ( a what ??????) refers to a field or 
some other sort of container?


Peter Sarstedt is singing

"I am balanced well, you see,
I am a Cathedral locked in stain glass windows,
I am a Cathedral dimly lit.

and hemmed in solitude, and yet,
I see a shangri-la,
whenever the mountain wind blows,
I see shangri-la and I touch it.

And will you share,
your crust of bread with me,
and will you dare,
to trust your head and see."

and I know the feeling right now . . . :)


relieved to have jumped that hurdle . . . !

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