Implementing a library of behavior buttons across multiple applications

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue May 25 14:08:06 EDT 2010

Peter Haworth wrote:

> Thanks for the explanation Richard.  This stuff isn't made any easier
> by the fact that there are multiple names available for the same thing
> - behavior=parentScript apparently.

You can safely ignore "parentScript".  That was the name that I used 
when I first proposed this feature many years ago, having picked it up 
from meetings with the SuperCard team years earlier when they were 
considering it.

Rev adopted it for an early beta distribution, but by Beta 2 they had 
come up with "behavior" instead, and noted in the ParentScript Notes 
that "parentScript" is deprecated; while it's currently accepted as a 
synonym for behavior to help a few people who started building big 
projects with that early beta, it won't live forever.

> Getting back to Mark's answer and the use of stack files, I see two
> separate places where additional stack files can be specified - the
> stackFiles property of the main Stack (or the equivalent pane in the
> main stack inspector), and the Stacks pane of the Standalone
> Application Settings which gives rise to the question, what is the
> relationship between these two settings? Does one override the other?
> Is stackFiles operative for the development environment only and the
> standalone setting for standalone applications only?

Two different things:

The "Stacks" pane in the SB is used for copying separate stack files 
into the file that will become the standalone.

The stackfiles property of a stack is a list which allows the engine to 
easily locate stacks which aren't in the stackfile so that you can still 
refer to them by just their short name in your scripts.

For example, if you have a stack named "Behaviors" in a stack file named 
"Behaviors.rev" in a folder named "Components" which is in the same 
folder as your stack file or standalone, you can set the stackfile's 
property of your stack to:


...and the engine will then know exactly where to find the stack 
whenever your scripts refer to a stack named "Behaviors".

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