Robert Mann rman at
Tue May 25 06:52:52 EDT 2010

I am looking for a solution to print pdf files from the browser.

to summit up regarding the limitations of revBrowserPrint command :

1) No background print process : revbrowser systematicaly calls the dialog,
no parameters can be passed and you get no answer about what has been going

In my case, I wanted preset pdf printing and give a file name. Out it goes!
(why are so many basic needs only fullfilled to 90% by runrev
implementation... begining tro drive me nuts and doubtful!) 

2) Not reliable for flash content : doe not seem to print out flash
content... which is a serious problem for a lot of sites.. and revBrowser is
often crashed on intensive flash based sites when revBrowserPrint is called
(my experience on macBook mac os x 10.5.8).

3) Sometimes prints the whole html page, good, but other times only the
visible portion of the browser, like a picture, and that is no good! I did
not quite get the rationale of it (when exacly and why..). it seems it may
be linked with 2) maybe trying to offer an alternate view when not able to
print the flash content!?

to be a little bit positive, I'll have to troddle on and see what can be
done with safari scripting but there goes the windows compatibility away and
the whole point of using runrev as a multi-platform dev tool.. Sometimes I
do have the xTalk blues or is it the runrev blues!?? 

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