Implementing a library of behavior buttons across multiple applications

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon May 24 16:03:51 EDT 2010

I'm trying to figure out the best way to make a library of behavior  
buttons available to multiple applications.

I originally developed the library as a substack of my application but  
would now like to move it to a separate .rev file and refer to it from  
other applications.  Seems like that gives me a single maintenance  
point - fix any behavior problems in the library and it's  
automatically fixed in all applications.

However, it's feeling like this isn't a practical solution.  As I  
understand it, the behavior property of an object uses the long id of  
the button it refers to and I think the long id includes the operating  
system path to the .rev file that the button is in.

Just for development purposes, I have three different folders I use -  
one for code and test, another for QA, and anther for the final  
application.  SO if I set the behavior to point to my library of  
behaviors in the code and test folder, then move the app's .rev file  
to the QA folder, the behavior properties will still point to the  
behavior library of in the code and test folder.  And so on.

I'm sure there much more experienced users than me out there who have  
run into this problem and hoping they can share how they dealt with  
it.  Only thing I can think of is a script that runs during  
installtion to go find all controls with a behavior property set and  
change it to the correct one.

Pete Haworth

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