libURLftpCommand help required please....

Bob Earp rjearp at
Mon May 24 12:11:49 EDT 2010

Many thanks for the replies on this.Mark/Jim - I've played around with quotes/no quotes, changing the address elements to include, httP:// and combinations thereof, but I still get the error message "error invalid host address".  I'm using Rev Enterprise v4.0.0 build 950 BTW.If it helps, I do get stuff returned without and error if I use put url "" into fld "results"Dave - It wasn't the LIST ftp command I was after, I just used that as an example of an ftp command that (I assumed) the libURLftpCommand would do as it seems to say that in the dictionary.  I also tried HELP as the dictionary suggests, but I still get the same error.  What I want to do in the end is read & seta  file permission on the server.  Right now there is one file named test.txt on that URL that has RW set, and of course you can see it at, it is put libURLftpCommand("HELP","","test at","myTest") into fld "results"  that gives me the "error invalid host address" message, yet in an ftp client such as FileZilla I can use as the host address, test at as the username, and myTest as the password, and it all works fine.Thanks again for the feedback &, Bob...Bob Earp - White Rock, British Columbia 		 	   		  
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