Listing available MYSQL databases

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Sun May 23 15:36:12 EDT 2010


Has anyone successfully used either "open process" or "get shell()" to list
the databases available on a machine.

>From the command line I do the following and get the results I am looking

[nrl at localhost ~]$ mysqlshow -u nrl -p
Enter password:                                            (I enter the
password nrl1 here)
|     Databases      |
| information_schema |
| lab0624            |
| test               |
[nrl at localhost ~]$

My script is as follows:
on mouseUp
   put "mysqlshow - u  nrl -p" into promysql
   put "nrl1" after promysql
   get shell(promysql)
   put it
   write "quit" to process promysql
   close process promysql
end mouseUp

The resulting message is:

mysqlshow: Access denied for user 'nrl'@'%' to database '-'

I am currently logged in as nrl in the Fedora 11 system and running Rev
under that user name.

open process lead to the same results?



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