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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun May 23 15:14:50 EDT 2010

  The other day somebody took umbrage (wow; that feels good;
haven't used "umbrage" for about 20 years) at my suggesting
that the music channels in HyperNext were the work of one
man, but came as "part of the package" of Real BASIC with
which HyperNext is constructed.

Maybe so . . .

The same respondent stated that the programming language
of HyperNext WAS RBScript; this is not strictly true:

HyperNext can be scripted in RBScript, but its native
language is 'HyperNext script'.

How far these two scripting languages differ I cannot say;
however it is claimed on the HyperNext site that the
HyperNext script works more quickly than RBScript in the
context of HyperNext.

c.f:  http://www.tigabyte.com/hnfiles/rescreator.html

under "13 Circles".

see comparisons of the 2 languages here:


HyperNext seems to be a language which compiles to RBScript (a sort of 

"HyperNext is the main programming language in HyperNext Creator and 
It is a full high-level language with over 1000 keywords that allows a 
programmer to
control user interaction, develop complex algorithms, call plugins, and 
create/run RBscripts."


Why am I bothering to point this out when:

1. I am not using HyperNext, and not championing it.

2. Feel little or no motivation to "swap" from RunRev to HyperNext. ????

Because Hypernext is an achievement of a different order to RunRev 
insofar that
it is the creation of one man.

It may, eventually, be a contender against RunRev in the Educational 
software development

I hope it really gets going; mainly, admittedly, to stimulate RunRev.

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