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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun May 23 13:10:10 EDT 2010

Roger.E.Eller wrote:

> Lynn,
> You just cured my Android buying fever.  I may still grab a low-end tablet
> just to play around with the OS and gain some familiarity, but I will wait
> until we see what minimum version Rev supports before getting something
> better.

The great thing about technology purchasing is that it's one of the few 
areas of life that consistently rewards the procrastinator. :)  Gadgets 
only get ever more powerful while also getting ever cheaper.

When I first heard about the coming iPad and similar devices I was 
intrigued but decided to see how it panned out.

With Apple's SDK change and Rev for Android still some time away, I 
assuaged myself in the meantime by getting a netbook, which has been a 
wonderful addition to my workflow for a little more than half the cost 
of an iPad (US$270 vs. $500).

Similar weight and size, built-in keyboard, protected screen thanks to 
the clamshell form factor, hundreds of thousands of apps for it (would 
have been millions but I prefer Ubuntu Netbook Remix over Windows), has 
a multitouch trackpad, but it also runs Rev and comes bundled with an 
entire computer. :)

Some have noted recent sales figures of the iPad as a reason to overlook 
the netbook market, but reading past the headlines we find two 
significant details:

1. The "market cannibalization" caused by the iPad's success isn't 
affecting just netbooks, but most computing devices including Apple's 
own laptops; the cannibalization effect is more horizontal than vertical.

2. Stats about this effect on netbook sales mention reduction not in 
unit sales but only of the GROWTH of unit sales.  So even with "The iPad 
Effect" netbook sales continue to increase, just continuing to grow at a 
slightly slower rate than they have been over the last couple years.

In more recent weeks, now that the excitement of the iPad launch has 
settled down a bit and analysts can examine the bigger picture from a 
more relaxed perspective, the outlook for netbooks is pretty good:

Netbook sellers need not fear the iPad, says analyst
Just 1% of potential netbook buyers will choose a tablet instead
May 18, 2010

Netbook sales will almost double in 2010

More stats with notes about the implications of netbook deployment for 
Rev developers here:

Netbook market on the rise

If you're itching for an ultra-portable gadget, a netbook offers an 
alternative you can enjoy Rev on today (and R and Squeek and all the 
other languages that are verboten on iPads).

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