How to "Dial" Using Rev ?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sun May 23 02:02:20 EDT 2010

> The equivalent on a Mac would be identical, except instead of "com3" you'd
> want to use "modem" as the port specifier. Both the PC "com3" port and the
> Mac "modem" port are serial ports. Rev can write to those just fine, but the
> problem you will find on your iMac is that it won't have any serial ports;
> Macs haven't supported those for some years, nor do they ship any longer
> with internal modems. You can buy USB modems, but unfortunately Rev can't
> read or write to USB ports.
> So if you have an older Mac that has a real serial modem port, you can dial
> with the above script by substituting "modem" for the port. But on your
> iMac, no go.

It depends how the USB modem is recognised by the system.
If you have one, check "the driverNames".
If the list includes something link "cu.modem.usb", then you can use
that as the driver name and open a port to that device as described


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