How to "Dial" Using Rev ?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun May 23 00:48:28 EDT 2010

gary_aitcheson wrote:
>    put "*67" before theNumber
>    open file "com3:" for write
>    write "ATS7=1L0DT" & theNumber & cr to file "com3:"
>    wait 5 secs
>    close file "com3:"
> I do not understand much of this, but it appears that it's usual 
> function is to dial a fax machine in order to transmit letters etc.

I'm not sure what it's dialing, but what the script does is this, line 
by line:

prefix the phone number with "*67"
open a connection to the "com3" port on the PC, which is a serial port 
where presumably a modem is attached
send the phone number digits and an end-of-line carriage return through 
the serial port to the modem
wait a bit for the modem to get the data and start dialing
close the connection to the port

> My problem is that I want to use this dialing program on my iMac running 
> OS X but unfortunately it does not function there.  I imagine the 
> dialing code is similar, but figuring it out is beyond my expertise. 
> Does anyone have any suggestions at to what to do, where to look, who to 
> ask, etc ?

The equivalent on a Mac would be identical, except instead of "com3" 
you'd want to use "modem" as the port specifier. Both the PC "com3" port 
and the Mac "modem" port are serial ports. Rev can write to those just 
fine, but the problem you will find on your iMac is that it won't have 
any serial ports; Macs haven't supported those for some years, nor do 
they ship any longer with internal modems. You can buy USB modems, but 
unfortunately Rev can't read or write to USB ports.

So if you have an older Mac that has a real serial modem port, you can 
dial with the above script by substituting "modem" for the port. But on 
your iMac, no go.

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