Stack in memory problem

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Sat May 22 18:51:04 EDT 2010

I figured it out - this stack is a template and I have an openstack 
routine to check a version number to see if it needs to be updated. The 
stack that it checks is the same name as my original so I scripted 
around that and I'm fine. Thanks to Paul, Mark and Jacque for the input 
though! Once you figure these things out it seems so clear!

> Marty Knapp wrote:
>> The name isn't a problem - it's not a plugin or IDE stack name. I've 
>> been using it for over a year. I do have another stack of the same 
>> name in a different directory. When I build a standalone I take the 
>> original and do some things to it, then copy it to a different folder 
>> before the build. On the rare occasions I've had trouble before, I 
>> just quit and restarted. The weird part now is that the problem 
>> persists after quiting and even after rebooting the computer. It's 
>> like there's something in a cache file or something. I've even loaded 
>> up the project in a secondary copy of Rev and get the same problem . . .
> It sounds like the stack is opening automatically on launch. If it 
> isn't a rev-related stack, then look for a plugin or frontscript that 
> opens it, puts it in use, or requests data from it. Any of those 
> things will load it into memory. Also, the next time you have it open, 
> make sure the destroystack property is set to true.

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