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Sat May 22 12:10:29 EDT 2010

Mike Harland wrote:

 > Could somebody please substantiate the claims that Ms Lange purports
 > to have disproved?

RunRev already has:

Her claims at <> rest around the 
misrepresentation that the MetaCard engine is somehow different from the 
Rev engine (there is only one engine regardless of which IDE stacks you 
use with it; you can even make your own, as Jerry and I and others 
have), and that the acquisition of MetaCard Corp's technology and 
customer base never happened (it did, in July 2003):

And FWIW, the page where she makes this misrepresentation contains at 
least one copyright violation, a screen shot for a product owned by one 
of my clients for whom we had granted permission to MetaCard Corp. to 
host in the context provided at, but my client has not 
given permission for deep-linking to use the image in a different 
context such as her blog.

A cease-and-desist has been sent.

 > I find it disturbing to see that people on this list are behaving
 > as she describes.

One could just as well ask why her definitions of others' behavior 
shouldn't apply to her own public attacks against RunRev and this community.

A lot of people type a lot of stuff all over the Internet.

As noted above, not everything one reads on the Internet is true.

When attacks are posted anonymously that should be a warning sign to the 
reader that the material may be suspect.  Earnest writers stand behind 
their words.

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