How to "Dial" Using Rev ?

gary_aitcheson gary_aitcheson at
Sat May 22 11:57:27 EDT 2010

Hi - I am a long time OOP user, Rev fan and message board lurker.  I 
have a totally off topic question. Many years ago I built a program that 
will dial a phone number through the modem port and then hang up.  My 
handset is on a Y connection to the phone line so it stays open and I 
can speak to the dialed number.  The program records all the time date 
info etc so it is very handy for keeping track of things. Originally I 
wrote it in HyperCard then SuperCard etc where a simple "Dial" command 
followed by the number was sufficient.  Unfortunately Rev does not have 
this function.  However back in 2005 ago there was a brief discussion 
about this online and I was very lucky to find this little piece of code 
that works perfectly for my PC.

    put "*67" before theNumber
    open file "com3:" for write
    write "ATS7=1L0DT" & theNumber & cr to file "com3:"
    wait 5 secs
    close file "com3:"

I do not understand much of this, but it appears that it's usual 
function is to dial a fax machine in order to transmit letters etc.

My problem is that I want to use this dialing program on my iMac running 
OS X but unfortunately it does not function there.  I imagine the 
dialing code is similar, but figuring it out is beyond my expertise. 
Does anyone have any suggestions at to what to do, where to look, who to 
ask, etc ?



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