Remote SQL databases

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri May 21 18:31:53 EDT 2010

Hi all. 

Anyone have any idea how fast the queries to the On-Rev SQL databases are on average? I was using a method where I was looking up a key from one query of 100 records at a time and querying a mySql database at my On-Rev site ONE RECORD AT A TIME! I discovered that the queries were taking about a second, which now that I think about it, is about right, with internet lag and all. 

So now I have to think about using joins. My problem now becomes, I am looking up values from a table in one database, in a table  tables residing in another database. Can I even create a join like that? Don't the tables have to reside in the same database to do a join like that? <sigh>

Barring that, I suppose I can compile a list of key values, and do a single query for records with key values in that string, then loop through and add the records that don't exist, but how to do that with a single query! Sheesh! If I were using Foxpro this would be child's play. 

I'm wondering if the Relational aspect of Trevor's sqlYoga would be able to do this, but again, I think I have to be working with two tables in the same database for that to work. Trevor?


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