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Fri May 21 16:54:24 EDT 2010

I saw no wrong on the licensing. I like their attitude, their pricing model.
Pretty reasonable, even cheap, if one would ask me. Look, this stuff is used
for professional applications, is not easy to write, and the authors deserve
payment. And they are not charging royalties. How could one expect quality,
free, and supported to be in the same product?

Anybody we contract will want to be paid far more than this. The fee is
graduated for different groups,  hobbyist and demo, shareware author, pro.
This stuff is used for the core of applications.

We shouldn't assume that these guys won't make deals - they might be into
creating actual externals for Rev at a very reasonable price - who knows
until you try. Did anyone email these folks?

On 21 May 2010 12:49, Malte Pfaff-Brill <revolution at> wrote:

> BASS has been around quite a while. Started as a mod playing library (the
> stuff you could hear on your amigas and ataris back in the day). It would be
> a very good candidate, however, their licensing model might be in the way:
> [quote]
> BASS is free for non-commercial use. If you are a non-commercial entity
> (eg. an individual) and you are not charging for your product, and the
> product has no other commercial purpose, then you can use BASS in it for
> free. Otherwise, you will require one of the following licences.
> Shareware licence: €100
> The "shareware" licence allows the usage of BASS in an unlimited number of
> your shareware products, which must sell for no more than 40 Euros each. If
> you're an individual (not a corporation) making and selling your own
> software (and its price is within the limit), this is the licence for you.
> Single Commercial licence: €950
> The "single commercial" licence allows the usage of BASS in a single
> commercial product.
> Unlimited Commercial licence: €2750
> The "unlimited commercial" licence allows the usage of BASS in an unlimited
> number of your commercial products. This licence applies to a single
> site/location. note that all prices are quoted in Euros, but payment can
> also be made in several other currencies These licences are on a
> per-platform basis. There is a 40% reduction on each additional platform,
> eg. Win32 and OSX Shareware licences would cost €160 instead of €200. In all
> cases there are no royalties to pay and you can use future BASS updates
> without further cost. Reselling/sublicensing is not permitted. Your products
> must be end-user products, eg. not components used by other products. Please
> note that these licences only cover your own software, not the publishing of
> other's software. If you have got any questions, please get in touch.
> [/quote]
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