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Fri May 21 13:25:12 EDT 2010

Hello Kurt and Richmond,
It is "makeSMF 1.3.3 :
Bons souvenirs de Paris

Le 21 mai 2010 à 17:12, Kurt Kaufman a écrit :

> I think the point is that probably to be very useful, a MIDI-based program should have ready access to an external MIDI device (keyboard, sequencer, etc.).  It should be able to open up multiple channels so that one could record a new MIDI track whilst hearing previously-recorded MIDI tracks.  I don't know whether the above is possible, given the (limited?) range of QT functions available to the Rev-based player object.
> Again, I'm not saying it isn't possible using Rev 4, but I haven't discovered how.
> I think that as far as inter-application or inter-device MIDI communication is concerned, we are still where we were back in 2004:
> http://forums.runrev.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4978&start=0
> and I believe we can access only a few of the settings of Core-MIDI through Applescript  (and that would be Mac-only, in any case).
> So, have fun with MIDI-builder, and I'd be very interested in working with someone who might have ideas for extending the scope of the project as long as it's cross-platform based.
> Kurt
> PS/You might also be interested in some MIDI Rev stacks written by a Japanese(?) person, whose name I unfortunately cannot remember at the moment.  Perhaps someone else can remember?
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