revLet: dynamic resizing when browser window resizes

David Bovill david at
Thu May 20 17:50:28 EDT 2010

Created a stack with the geometry manager so that the field resizes.
Uploaded it as a revLet and modified the HTML so that the width and height
are 80% instead of fixed numbers:

<object classid="CLSID:B2EC94AF-4716-4300-824A-3314BF23664A" width=80%
> height=80%>
>     <param name="src" value="Test.revlet"/>
>     <param name="stack" value="Test"/>
>     <param name="requestedName" value=""/>
>     <param name="instanceID" value=""/>
>     <embed type="application/x-revolution"
>         src="Test.revlet"
>         width=80% height=80%
>         stack="Test"
>         requestedName=""
>         instanceID=""
>     ></embed>
> </object>

It resizes nicely - but it does not load nicely. Any ideas how to fix the
loading so it resizes to the appropriate size?

You can see the revLet here:

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