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Thu May 20 14:19:26 EDT 2010

Again I stress that if we try to put too much 'stuff' into this library
(read: special effects) that it will distract from getting a solid
foundation for us to build on. Rather than insisting on the inclusion of
arbitrary, possibly lower-quality reverbs and time stretchers, I would
rather see an ability to  *use plugins of at least one type from the
beginning* to narrow the focus of what really had to be made to get us "on
the air" with better, cross-platform audio control in general.

Midi is really a separate issue - and has anyone made a Quicktime Midi
external? Is there 'more in there' that can be grokked out for both
platforms? Trevor?

 Remember once one gets into the realm of special effects libraries; the
good ones are going to cost money to license. Ultimately, there's no free
lunch here. This stuff has all been done before and researched, it is not
trivial coding. Using plugins would open up a much larger world for Rev as
an AV builder (along with video enhancements in another project ). We
wouldn't need the timeline feature right away either -- and I disagree with
the other poster about their being no need for better metering as I propose:

*f18   A metering object that deals with real time display of peak levels
for x channels*

All that is available for level metering currently is the recordLevel
property, which has to be constantly polled while displaying in some kind of
progress control. It serves no purpose but to show that 'something is
happening' (which has been the basic concern of video guys for 60 years).
 It is not useful for setting levels, does not show stereo levels, and is
not available when not in record (which is exactly the time when one needs

Another use for the meter input would be as a ONE-BIT input -- easily
accomplished with a simple noise source and contact closure. But I digress,
except to say there's a lot more that can be accomplished here besides
munging audio.  All this 'stuff' would be also useful for* higher speed data
collection*, something that Rev could be really good at.

It would be fast - more than enough to detect accurate taps.

I would humbly suggest that RTAS be the standard for plugins - many
inexpensive one-man shops are turning out impressive plugs and selling for 0
to 200 dollars and in most cases are cross-platform. VST could be added
later.  I don't know if audio units would be worth it, unless the rich
interface of the plugins can be shown. I've seen a lot of problems in that

We need primitives for the Audio Object first.

Fud for thought

On 20 May 2010 07:52, Fred Moyer <fmoyer at> wrote:

> I've been following this thread and am very excited about the possibility
> of more audio functionality from within Rev. I am continually in need for
> these kinds of tools (mostly audio but also midi.) Here's my wishlist:
> - Play a sound file at a different speeds without changing pitch, while
> maintaining good sound quality. Some time shift apps sound pretty poor.
> There is a program called the Amazing Slow Downer which I think does a good
> job.
> - Fade ins/out. At present if all you need to do is fade from one song to
> another, two rev players works fine. But the splices I need to do are
> between two versions of the exact same place in the same song. I've been
> trying to do it with 2 rev players and there is usually a little bauble at
> the splice point. (Aside: I think I have a better "formula" for fades than
> the n // 100-n formula -- if anyone is interested, contact me.) One problem
> I'm experiencing is that when I play the same fade over and over, it sounds
> slightly different each time, telling me that "set the currentime of player
> x"  is probably just not rock-solid enough for what I'm doing. So what would
> be great is a fading/splicing feature that is rock-solid and is a lot finer
> than 600 units per second.
> - With one stack I'm working on, I need to "tap" to the music to record the
> timing of the notes. This is classical music that often includes lots of
> fast notes. I've tried using the mouse or keyboard to do this, but the
> resulting data is inexact. (I think the computer is doing other tasks at the
> same time and doesn't give these mouseclicks or keydowns top priority.)
> Maybe what I need is some kind of midi input (I gather that is one of the
> great things about midi -- that it doesn't matter if the computer is
> downloading emails or looking for bluetooth devices -- it is going to record
> the time of those midi events perfectly.) But if midi features are added, it
> would be great if the user doesn't need to hook up a midi keyboard to
> record; for what I need to do, just the computer keyboard and mouse should
> be sufficient.
> - EQ, reverb, limiters/compressors would be great, and a way to add 3rd
> party plugins for those wanting higher quality.
> Thanks.
> Fred
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