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Thu May 20 09:27:46 EDT 2010

Of course it's still early days, but we are very serious about having a scaleable backend service.

Since one of us is in Australia, we also want geographic coverage. Every day this sector of our industry gets better. 

Massively shared servers? No. Deals for dedicated servers? Yes.

We want this to be a premium service focused on performance. It will not be free. We are not taking on VC for this. There are no ads to support it. It will be fee supported.


Jerry Daniels

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On May 20, 2010, at 7:45 AM, David Bovill <david at> wrote:

> Hi Jerry, I'm still reading about Rodeo and trying to evaluate whether to
> take the plunge. there are a couple of things I don't quite get:
>   1. The web apps being served by On-Rev:  "Rodeo server is a
>   highly-scaleable, secure, n-tier architected cloud solution." So there is no
>   way to author and then serve from our own servers, and that means a minimum
>   $10 a month fee for hosting. What about bandwidth? What if someone creates a
>   wildly popular webapp - can they serve some content from a CDN? Any ideas
>   how you would charge for that?
>   2. Is there any specific strategy offered by On-Rev in your server set-up
>   that allows true scalability and load balancing across regions etc? Or are
>   we realistically going to be stuck with a single shared or perhaps even
>   private server without the ability to scale that? OK for a the vast majority
>   of apps this won't be an issue - but having the option to scale in the event
>   is still an issue.
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