revLets and Libraries

David Bovill david at
Thu May 20 07:24:09 EDT 2010

I would like to be able to set up a testing scenario that enables a user to
preview a view widget in a browser as a fully functioning test / demo. I
have a library of these views with each view residing in its own stack. I
can set up standalone settings so that when you open a view stack you can
easily "Save as standalone...." and the revLet is saved and appears in the
default browser.

The problem I have is with libraries - that is if a particular view needs a
library to function. I can add the library as a stack in the standalone
settings, but it is copied as a seperate rev stack with a revLet. As far as
i know you have to have the library as a substack if you want to use it in a
revlet? Any ideas how to automate this - i don't want to duplicate the
library and make it a substack of all the view widget stacks?

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