destroystack wrong behavior...

Thierry D. th.douez at
Thu May 20 03:52:54 EDT 2010

Le 19 mai 2010 à 23:05, Malte Pfaff-Brill a écrit :

> Thierry,

Hello Malte,

> does your stack have any substacks that are still open?
> Rev can not destroy it in that case.

Yes, one substack and sometimes it's visible, sometimes not visible.
Then, the mainstack is closed, but still in memory.
But it's not my problem right now. ( I've pass to this one too, especially when
the substack is hidden )

> Do you reference to it with a filePath? ->
> Will be reopened each time you reference to it then.

I did the test with One stack + 1 substack ( which does nothing )
So, where can I reference it with a filePath ?
I guess it's not for my case.

> Does it carry an external that is still used? -> Rev won´t destroy it then AFAIK

That's probably the point.
Can someone give a definition of "still in use" ?

In all the externals I made, I always build a sort of ResetExternalFunction
to do all kinds of reset, freeing buffers,...
But nowhere I've seen any information about "closing/unloading an external" ????

As for the last 10 years, starting from Metacard on Unix, then using
mostly Metacard, then using kRev, never had one of this problem.

Hmm, and I've make almost 50 externals mainly for specific  customer 
applications and few to be used  within the Rev IDE.
So, I'm not that familiar with the Rev IDE tricks.

> Other than those cases, I have never seen destroystack fail.

Different ways of coding and working with Rev...
Maybe you were lucky or maybe I'm not :)

Another point: this reminds me one thread on this list about someone
who couldn't start an external. I guess/feel that his problem could be that
his stack was still in memory, and when he restarted it, the normal process of
loading the external didn't work because the stack was already in memory.....

My 2 cents.

Thanks to all for your suggestions.


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