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Hi Andre,

Ok I see. 

So we agree that Valentina can be used, of course,
for WEB development in any way including Revolution,

What you cannot now is to use vserver with rev-online service.

>>> I think that David is doing some web development since most of the uses
>> of
>>> SimpleDB and RDS are related to web apps. Right now, we can't do web
>>> development with valentina and rev. Which is a pitty since valentina is
>>> deadly fast and provides the key-value stuff.
>> Why you can't?
> Because revServer can't access externals, so the ADK for Rev does not work
> with revServer. It needs a pure revTalk library that talks to Valentina
> Server to work.
>> Any OS platform. You install VSERVER, make your REV app.
>> Host them together. What problems?
>> Plus the same VSERVER can be touched by any other Valentina Client
>>    from C++, C#, ObjC ... To PHP, RB, REV, Director, ShockWave, ...
> As the above comment, with revServer we can't access any valentina for rev
> routines since it does not support externals. We would need a pure revTalk
> implementation.

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