Subject: Re: Creating Mac standalone on Windows Studio?

Steve King st.king42 at
Wed May 19 17:02:04 EDT 2010

Hi Paul, Richard

Thanks for your help. I should be able to get it working from this, even if
I have to help the user myself!

>Unfortunately, Apple's Unix core will require an extra step to deploy

>The folder you see is what Apple calls a "bundle", and contains all the 
>parts and pieces the app needs to run, things that are embedded into a 
>single file on Windows.

>Within the bundle at this path:

>   /<bundlename>.app/Contents/MacOS/<exename>

>...where it says <exename> you'll find the actual executable.  But since 
>it was generated from Windows it has no executable bit, which Unix-based 
>file systems need to run a file as an executable.

>To make the app runnnable you'll need to copy the *.app bundle to a Mac, 
>then on the Mac use Terminal to change the permissions on the executable 
>using chmod.

>If there's an easier way to generate Mac standalones from Windows I 
>haven't found it.


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