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Tue May 18 22:48:59 EDT 2010

RIGHT. But there's a way to go; what you are trying to do is go behind Rev's
back and obtain the data. Simpler with one audio file, but what if there are

One could find the start and stop points for audio data that Rev uses in the
files, find the parts that will be stripped, put them into the audioclip as
a custom property (yes audioclips have custom properties.)

Another way would be to tap into the IDE asset database to obtain the
location of this data.

I guess one could just get one to work, and copy single audio clips to an
invisible stack for export, then delete the stack.

Another way to do it that will work right now would be to import the audio
file as an audioclip, and at the same time save the same audio file into a
custom property *of* the audioclip.
Two copies; one to export and one to play. And will require no reverse
engineering or making wild guesses about what the API does.

Bloated for sure, but does it matter in this day of monster hard drives?
Creeps me out about the waste  though.

On 18 May 2010 16:19, Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> Download these stacks and this audio clip:
> This compressed file contains 3 files:
> 1 new stack, created and saved inmediatly
> without any change. (1k)
> 1 stack, created and inmediatly imported
> the audio clip "" (138k)
> 1 audio clip "" from
> Wikipedia.
> After opening the stack (with audio clip)
> and the audio clip in Hex viewer, i noticed
> that almost the whole audio clip is "appended"
> to the stack. Just like Steven wrote,
> probably only file headers are left
> out of the stack.
> Now, more test are needed to verify
> which other formats are appended
> "as is" and which audio clips are
> converted.
> This is relevant, given than previously
> in this mail list, someone ask about
> how to export audioclips from Runrev.
> Alejandro
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