How to create a self-contained custom control

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Nested Groups?

On 18 May 2010 13:36, Jérôme Rosat <jrosat at> wrote:

> I created a custom control.  I set the behavior of the group (the custom
> control) to a button script (I want no script in the group).
> If I copy the custom control in a new stack, i need to copy the button
> script too, or the stack that contains the button script as a substack of a
> new stack.
> How to make a self-contained custom control that I can simply copy and past
> where I want ? I tried to put the button script inside the group, but it
> doesn't work. If I copy the custom control in a new card, the behavior of
> the group still point to the "previous" card.
> Any idea ? Thank you for your help.
> Jérôme
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