Mobile Template for Iphone/Ipad/Android Version Alpha 004a : new 18 May

Fabrice Muller fabricemuller at
Tue May 18 14:56:40 EDT 2010

Revision Alpha 004a from 18 May:
-Manage visible/hide for fields
-Some modifications based on Iphone look
-Optimization existing code
-Centralized function in MainStack, goal to use same function from different stack, write once your code
and use it for Iphone stack, Ipad stack, Android stack and so...

Revision Alpha 003 from 28 April:
-Splash screen react diferently if you are on IPad/Iphone or in dev
-Save/Read configuration file on your IPhone/IPad

This version is a template which could help you to prepare the structure of a mobile application,
for using it on mobile you need RevMobile.

In parallel I'm starting the Mobile Template Generator which will generate this kind of template.

Be free to email me some issues, ideas, new features to : Fabrice.Muller at
I will post more informations on :

Thanks, Fabrice

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