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Have you put together what you need or are you still looking for some ideas?


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> Subject: Search Many Docs to Return Search Results
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> Date: Saturday, May 15, 2010, 1:57 PM
> I feel like I'm about to reinvent the
> wheel here... and I believe I even posted this query once
> before but am having trouble finding the emails where some
> good souls responded previously
> Can anyone who has created any search-many-docs
> scripts  post their library or scripts for 
> returning search results? or point to a stack online that
> has contains scripts that will serve?
> We want to the user to enter a term... Rev will dig a
> number of html files. Not many, so, we will just read them
> from disk.
> The search "engine" will step through the documents and
> return a list of hits. We retrieve the entire line using
> lineoffset and move on to the next instance in the same doc.
> Then proceed to the next file. For display we want to show
> the user about 100 chars before and after the term found and
> then post this to a search results field, where she can see
> the results, hover over the small excerpt will pop up the
> whole line-paragraph, and a click will open the document
> (set the html text of a field to the doc) and take her to
> that place in the document.
> I have parts of the above here and there in various stacks,
> especially the last part I have some code that steps through
> a field and sets the highlight color of the search term and
> the user can quickly scan and see his term in color... 
> and I think I can put it together, but... I'm guessing many
> of you already have various flavors of this scenario already
> built and much better coded than I could do. so, if anyone
> has any snippets for any part of the above scenario I can
> put them together with what I have.
> Thanks!
> Sivakatirswami
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