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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon May 17 12:59:51 EDT 2010

Jeff Massung wrote:
> On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 10:59 AM, J. Landman Gay
> <jacque at hyperactivesw.com>wrote:
>> Perhaps menus should be independent objects? Then the engine could manage
>> them. There would still be issues with the space at the top of the stack,
>> where menus show on two platforms but not on the other. How would you handle
>> that?
> Jacque,
> This is the solution. And no, there wouldn't be stack size issues. The
> fundamental problem here is that Rev treats the menu bar area as usable
> stack space, and that's not what any OS does underneath.
> In Win32 (and Linux), you can make a window and put any controls in there
> you want. 0,0 is always the upper-left corner of the _usable_ client area in
> the window. If you were - at runtime - to attach a menu to the window, what
> would happen is that the usable client area would be shifted down and the
> menu bar would be tacked on. Note: 0,0 still refers to the upper-left corner
> of the _usable_ client area and not the upper-left corner of the menu bar.
> Menus should 100% be their own object, created outside the stacks, and at
> runtime you should be able to easily swap out (or remove) the current menu
> bar for the stack happens to be. It could be empty or something. Doesn't
> matter. And doing so let's the OS handle resizing the window... because it
> has nothing to do with Rev and the programmers client area.
> Hope that helps/makes sense,

Yes, it doees. We should pursue this. Actually, I suggested the same 
thing to Scott Raney almost 15 years ago and it was actually implemented 
for one particular MetaCard version. (Well, not the scrolling, that 
stayed the same, but the 0,0 location was always under the menu.) It 
broke every existing script out there, there were complaints, and the 
feature was reverted in the next release. It hasn't been changed since.

But now that I see what you mean, we should submit a feature request to 
the QCC. I wouldn't mind losing the scroll behavior.

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