[ANN] NativeGeometry 2 OPEN BETA, the ultimate geometry manager for Revolution is here for free!

Damien Girard dam-pro.girard at laposte.net
Mon May 17 12:16:28 EDT 2010

Dear Runtime Revolution user,

I am proud to announce you the OPEN BETA release of NativeGeometry 2.0!

NativeGeometry is our latest extension for Runtime Revolution, it is an
enhanced Geometry Manager that help you to develop faster cross-platform
applications, multi-languages application or simply your applications, with
the ease of the use of the Revolution Geometry manager but with the power
and the speed like if you were writing your own scripts!

To check-out more in depth its features, go to the NativeGeometry website:



We are inviting everybody to try this new tool, NativeGeometry is now in
beta stage, and in order to have the best quality, we are inviting all of
you to try freely without any limitations NativeGeometry! If you find any
problems, simply report them to the NativeSoft bug tracker.

The NativeGeometry open beta is ending the 14 junes 2010, and the final
release is to be expected at this date :)

More information, download links and sample are on the NativeSoft website:


Also, you can ask "Why NativeGeometry 2.0? Where is 1.0?", the answer is
- NativeGeometry 1.0 was the NativeSpeak Create 1.0 Geometry manager, so
NativeGeometry is in version 2.0 as it is a complete rewrite from scratch,
with new incredible features!


Other news about Dam-pro:

-> NativeSoft

I am pleased to inform you that Dam-pro has been renamed NativeSoft, this
new name match better with our "Native" products lines, and in the future
with the upcoming NativeSpeak 2.0, and I prefer it :)

So all dam-pro.com emails addresses will continue to work, the dam-pro.com
website is now redirecting to http://www.nativesoft.net

-> NativeSpeak 1.x discontinued

NativeSpeak 1.x is discontinued, the application will continue to works and
we will continue the support, but the application will not be updated
anymore, we recommend to new users that want to create a multi-language
application to use NativeGeometry, then the localization process with
NativeSpeak 2.0 will be really easy.

-> Website improved

The Dam-pro website has been improved in order to become the NativeSoft
website, check-it out!


Kind Regards,

Damien Girard
NativeSoft CEO, France.

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