Runtime Revolution?

René Micout rene.micout at
Sun May 16 04:07:49 EDT 2010

Oui ! Oui ! Oui ! Oui !
Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

Le 14 mai 2010 à 13:16, Robert Mann a écrit :

> For info I just left this message on his site.. 
> i'm pretty sure we would be quite a few people intresting in such a library
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi I got your contact through Robert Marquardt on the revolution nabble
> list.
> It seems that you could be interested in building some libraries for
> runrev?!
> I just wanted to let you know of a runrev "hole" that would call for an
> external library to deal with basic audio functions.
> -- runrev uses quicktimes, and just allow to play and record, full stop.
> -- a quicktime external "enhanced" library does add a quite a lot of
> functions. But it is mostly targeted at video. Example : the transition
> filter does not seem to deal with the audio channels.. so no audio fade in
> an out. Up to now it is the great and only existing sound library for
> runrev, thanks to Trevor de Vore.
> Sound quality is something important to users, even unconsciously it brings
> a sense of quality. Se we miss just a few basic sound functions like : 
> A to enhance quality of recorded wave files :
> - fade in / fade out
> - cross mix fade in and out
> - normalization
> - a simple basic reverb/echo combined for voice/music with basic setting
> ==> Just that would be a really nice helper that could let you test the
> runrev world!
> B to output mp3 (so far we have to use lame which is great, but, implies
> installing that on each computer... an included plugin would be much more
> simple and reduce risks of support issues)
> C ?? if hunger for .. basic mix functions between deifferent sound files,
> opening up a new era for runrev for music tools... 
> There are a few people who have done a few great music programs already on
> runrev. The challenge is that a runrev library has to be ok in Os X and
> windows.. and possibly linux.. !
> have a good day from France,
> Robert Maniquant

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