revigniter - Model-View-Controller in Rev terms?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Sat May 15 16:59:38 EDT 2010

I haven't tried revIgniter yet, although I intend to. But my grasp of
MVC comes from Objective-C and k assume it is much the same regardless
of language.

View: as out say, this is what the use sees - the interface.
Model: this is the data structure and the data itself.
Controller: the bit in between that reacts to user input or events and
gets data from the model and presents it to the view, altering it if
required. So the Controller is where the scripts go.

Hopefully someone with a better grasp of these concepts than me, will
be able to step in here if I have got it wrong.


On Sunday, May 16, 2010, Ian Wood <revlist at> wrote:
> I'm investigating Ralf's revIgniter framework (fantastic work, by the way), and start running into my 'narrow' experience of programming...
> Model-View-Controller is a programming approach that is new to me. Separating presentation & data (as in most CMS-driven websites) is another matter.
> A bit of help from Google & Wikipedia & I *think* I've got an idea how it works, but would like some reassurance/pointers from the list in translating concepts into what I know (Rev).
> MVC in Rev terms would be (roughly):
> View is a Stack visible to the user (or audio etc.). Everything is presented through this to the user.
> Controller takes input from the user (mouse-clicks, typing, keystrokes etc.) and does the major processing? e.g. Rev handlers that handle the bulk of the logic in an app?
> Model would then be equivalent to all the 'utility' handlers and libraries?
> I'm aware that there may not be a one-to-one equivalency here, but is this along the right lines?
> Thanks,
> Ian
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