Will revCGI be made available (not just revServer)?

Kee Nethery kee at kagi.com
Sat May 15 16:09:17 EDT 2010

My apology to the group for the snarky email response.

When I read the response from Lyn to Richard's email I interpreted it as a response from RunRev on why they were no longer releasing revCGI updates. It appeared to me the reason that rev was not releasing updates was due to a concern about not being able to get the word about updates and such out to the community. I should have realized I was mis-reading the thread.

My mistake.

On May 14, 2010, at 6:12 PM, Michael Kann wrote:

> -- Sent last post too soon! --
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> Kee Nethery wrote:
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> I know that given the privacy concerns of our business, we cannot use the Rev engine hosted on a machine that we do not control.
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> Kee, 
> Am I missing something obvious? If you control the machine then you can put the Rev engine on it. Usually the problem is the other way around. People want to use a commercial server but can't get the server people to let them upload the engine.
> Mike 

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