News on revMobile and the iPhone

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Sat May 15 15:39:12 EDT 2010

Because of my vacation, I wasn't able to respond earlier to Kevin's sad news.

Being an Apple fan, this change in Apple's license agreement is the first major disappointment in the company.

It has obviously nothing to do with performance like they say. If that was the case, they should exclude JavaScript because it's a high level, interpreted language. And they should ban all Obj-C/C++ code written by less experienced programmers...

Neither has it anything to do with being prepared for the future. I know RunRev as a very nimble company who adapts very fast to new trends, new OSes and new hardware. I don't know how RunRev does it, but apparently the architecture of their product(s) is so good they can adjust very quickly and they stay in the saddle when the industry makes crazy turns.

So I cannot think of any sane reason why Apple changed their license agreement.

It has probably to do with the Flash war against Adobe. But actually this would be an easy battle for Adobe to win. When ActionScript 3.0 came out, they reconstructed the language to be compatible with JavaScript, which they use as scripting language in other Creative Suite products. So all Adobe has to do is rename ActionScript to JavaScript...

So RunRev just seems to suffer as collateral damage in this stupid war between these big players. 


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