Printing in a revlet

Jim Schaubeck jimschaubeck at
Fri May 14 12:20:08 EDT 2010

I have tried IE (8.0) with no luck.  Same blank page print-out.  (Preview is
also blank)

jim schaubeck

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Jim Schaubeck wrote:
> Thanks Jacqueline.  I do hope that some sort of solution (or even work
> around) is found for printing within revlets.  End users view printing as
> one of those things that magically just work (can't blame them).  However,
> know it's harder than it looks.

The person who submitted a support ticket also said that revlets won't 
print on IE. Can you confirm? I think I need to write up a bug report 
and the more info, the better. If anyone else has info about revlet 
printing on any other browsers/platforms, that'd be good to know too.

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