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Ralf Bitter rabit at
Fri May 14 10:29:40 EDT 2010

On 14.05.2010, at 07:36, Chipp Walters wrote:

> Hi all. I was wondering if anyone is using the RevIgniter framework in a production environment and if they wouldn't mind answering a few questions about it?
> Questions:
> 1. Does it only work with On-Rev's servers? That's potentially a deal killer.

As we all know, as long as the server version of Revolution
is not available for other web servers, irev is bound to
On-Rev servers. This currently applies to all irev driven
frameworks like Andre's RevSpark and revIgniter.
But, as stated in the FAQ this will change:
"There will be editions of Rev Server Scripting technology
available for other web servers in the future …"
This is something I counted on as I decided to build
revIgniter and I think this is crucial for irev to become widespread
and to build a market around it.

> 2. Are there performance bottlenecks with regard to the Rev part, and if so, what are they?

revIgniter lets you cache your pages in order to achieve maximum performance.
There is database caching too, dynamic component loading, there are hook points,
which permit you to use your own cache display mechanism, and there is a benchmark
library, which helps in optimizing your site regarding speed.
As a side note: The benchmark tag is not cached so you can still view your page
load speed even when caching is enabled.

> 3. How well is it documented and supported?

To form a view on this subject you are invited to check the user guide.

> 4. How easy is it for existing RR'ers to learn?

Once you have got the idea of refIgniter's approach to separate logic from
presentation, it is merely writing rev code as you are accustomed to.
Of course, some knowledge of web technology is required.

> 5. What does the available pool of Rev developers look like who could help write apps using it?

There are no reliable numbers, but we should keep in mind, that the
server version of Revolution is still in alpha state, so it is
not available for other web servers and this means, that currently
the acceptance and therefor the user base for revIgniter may be limited.

> 6. Are there any obvious security issues?

revIgniter comes with a Cross Site Scripting Hack prevention filter, which
can either run automatically to filter all POST and COOKIE data that is
encountered, or you can run it on a per item basis.
Form validation is implemented too.

> 7. How complete a framework is it? What type of app is it best used for?

There are still features not published mainly due to shortcomings of the
server engine. Example: trackback/pingback needs socket connection. So, as long
as sockets are not supported there will be no Trackback library.

Apart from that, revIgniter can be easily extended through the use of plugins,
libraries or system hooks.

> 8. How much Javascript does one have to know in order to use this?

If you would like to use the revIgniter's jQuery library to build jQuery code
you need to make yourself familiar with jQuery and JavaScript to some degree,
otherwise forget about it.

> Any insight would be much appreciated! 

Hope this helps.


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