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Fri May 14 04:43:19 EDT 2010

Pretty much agree with everything you say here Robert - especially about
revWeb - community provided JavaScript integration libraries are what we

On 13 May 2010 23:16, Robert Mann <rman at> wrote:

> The recent change in iphone policy and runrev plans have shaken my
> strategic
> tree over here in France.
> So i decided not to wait any longer for the ipad dream, and to launch my
> first app as mac and windows desktop !! I also decided to dig javascript as
> it has become so central nowadays; being at the heart of webBrowsers.
> Wanted
> to share views on that :
> I identified SproutCore framework and wondered if Jerry is working with
> that
> kind of framework!?
> It seems there is now 3 approaches to javascript-webapps :
> - "thin" client (all done on server side, eg that standard dynamic CMS
> sites
> on-rev excells at)
> - "fat" client (static HTML5 CSS with lots of Javascript all around that
> can
> directly interact with data servers, like SproutCore)
> - and.. a "sportive" approach.. which I thought off with on-rev, which is a
> dynamic CMS using .irev scripts the most and as little javascript as
> possible, and possibly jQuery scripts to keep cross-browser
> compatibility...
>  .. and that is where RevIgniter, which I found so impressive seem to go! :
> "This version includes a new library,
> which lets you write jQuery code for event handling,
> animation and Ajax interactions using revTalk."
> Now sproutCOre has a touch librairy and an IDE just out of the oven... and
> with phoneGap still being ok with apple new strategy.. it seems like an
> interesting doable route for mainstream information orientated iphone apps.
> [and we'll soon see what rodeo brings in that arena too!]
> I'll be testing those 2 frameworks shortly and let know.. and of course any
> views, maybe on a separate thread?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> as far as the main subject of this thread was... Kevin's annoucement,
> to make it short : I'm ok not to have any money back from the mobile
> program
> (to be crude about it...) BUT I would like A) to get ANDROID mobile instead
> of iPhone (seems fair! eventhough i'll ditch my dream regarding iPad).
> If we get maemo, window mobile and android : we'll be kings! and thankfull
> to runrev!! Because if ever one wants to cover the whole lot of mobiles,
> javascript and HTML open up : iPhone, webOs, and Blackberry.. another good
> reason to consider javascript as language n°2 as a complement to xTalk!
> and B) Also just ONE MORE STEP for the on-rev : the possibility to have
> closed STACKS instead of opened .irev so that a market can develop there
> (this is a year long awaited request!)
> To my view the revWeb plugin is kind of useless road which I would not
> pursue at great expense, since javascript seems to provide the fuel for
> webapps now (demos at SproutCore). I must was enthousiastic at first but
> just cannot make it to rely on that one.
> I would prefer that a minimal audio/video library be made, like the
> datagrid
> enhancement of last year (simple fade in and out, cross fademix, minimal
> reverb, tone correction and normalization) and possibility to ouput a
> compressed quicktime format. It is important to be able to produce good
> quality audio/video by program too since runrev claims to be a media
> platform.
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