Will revCGI be made available (not just revServer)?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu May 13 21:05:02 EDT 2010

Lyn Teyla wrote:

> revServer runs as an Apache module, not as CGI.

I don't believe it's an Apache module.  I'm not exactly sure what it is, 
but when I asked if it was a module per se I was told it was not. 
That's a good thing, IMO, since it would be next to impossible to 
install it on a shared host if it were.

> However, some of us prefer to utilize the CGI engine
> for a number of reasons, e.g.:
> * ability to run CGIs as shell scripts
> * CGIs work with all web servers, not just Apache
> Even though the CGI engine has existed through many
> versions of Rev since v1, it has not been released from
> v4.0 onwards.
> We were wondering if there are still plans to continue
> releasing the CGI engine (not just revServer) in the
> future?

It would be nice to keep it current, but there's little in v4.0 that's 
not in v3.5 that would be useful in a CGI.

But it sure would be nice if RunRev put a link to the v3.5 Linux runtime 
engine on their site so folks could find it easier.

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