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Thu May 13 18:24:49 EDT 2010


We are looking at all of the frameworks. We started exploring SproutCore a few weeks ago.

With respect to Rodeo, we want to keep our app pages as lean as possible, so use of frameworks will by necessity have to be discrete.

Sarah and I have been tuning the Roadmap to bring the release date closer. Having fun with this.


Jerry Daniels

Create iPad web apps with Rodeo:

On May 13, 2010, at 5:16 PM, Robert Mann <rman at> wrote:

> The recent change in iphone policy and runrev plans have shaken my strategic
> tree over here in France.
> So i decided not to wait any longer for the ipad dream, and to launch my
> first app as mac and windows desktop !! I also decided to dig javascript as
> it has become so central nowadays; being at the heart of webBrowsers. Wanted
> to share views on that :
> I identified SproutCore framework and wondered if Jerry is working with that
> kind of framework!?
> It seems there is now 3 approaches to javascript-webapps :
> - "thin" client (all done on server side, eg that standard dynamic CMS sites
> on-rev excells at)
> - "fat" client (static HTML5 CSS with lots of Javascript all around that can
> directly interact with data servers, like SproutCore)
> - and.. a "sportive" approach.. which I thought off with on-rev, which is a
> dynamic CMS using .irev scripts the most and as little javascript as
> possible, and possibly jQuery scripts to keep cross-browser compatibility...
> .. and that is where RevIgniter, which I found so impressive seem to go! :
> "This version includes a new library, 
> which lets you write jQuery code for event handling, 
> animation and Ajax interactions using revTalk."
> Now sproutCOre has a touch librairy and an IDE just out of the oven... and
> with phoneGap still being ok with apple new strategy.. it seems like an
> interesting doable route for mainstream information orientated iphone apps.
> [and we'll soon see what rodeo brings in that arena too!]
> I'll be testing those 2 frameworks shortly and let know.. and of course any
> views, maybe on a separate thread?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> as far as the main subject of this thread was... Kevin's annoucement, 
> to make it short : I'm ok not to have any money back from the mobile program
> (to be crude about it...) BUT I would like A) to get ANDROID mobile instead
> of iPhone (seems fair! eventhough i'll ditch my dream regarding iPad).
> If we get maemo, window mobile and android : we'll be kings! and thankfull
> to runrev!! Because if ever one wants to cover the whole lot of mobiles,
> javascript and HTML open up : iPhone, webOs, and Blackberry.. another good
> reason to consider javascript as language n°2 as a complement to xTalk!
> and B) Also just ONE MORE STEP for the on-rev : the possibility to have
> closed STACKS instead of opened .irev so that a market can develop there
> (this is a year long awaited request!)
> To my view the revWeb plugin is kind of useless road which I would not
> pursue at great expense, since javascript seems to provide the fuel for
> webapps now (demos at SproutCore). I must was enthousiastic at first but
> just cannot make it to rely on that one.
> I would prefer that a minimal audio/video library be made, like the datagrid
> enhancement of last year (simple fade in and out, cross fademix, minimal
> reverb, tone correction and normalization) and possibility to ouput a
> compressed quicktime format. It is important to be able to produce good
> quality audio/video by program too since runrev claims to be a media
> platform.
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